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Into the Nightosphere 9
   Fionna nervously wrapped her arms more tightly around Marshall, he was carrying her deeper into the Ice Kingdom. Cake was following behind them with the Vampire Slayer on her back.
   Marshall felt Fionna's warm body melt into his, he looked down at her again getting hit in the face with one of those silly bunny ear things! "Uh Fionna..." 
   " Would you please take off that hat until we get to the Ice Queen's place?"
   "Fine, but my hair's pretty long..." She reached up and yanked her treasured hat off. The long locks of golden blonde hair tumbled down, blowing gently in the Ice Kingdom's frigid wind. 
   Marshall was surprised her hair even fit into that hat. He rested his cheek on top of her head feeling how soft and warm her hair was from being inside the hat all the time. "This is much better..." He whispered into her ear, then he laughed as a bright blush quickly found its way to her cheeks.
:iconbadcook-goodartist:Badcook-goodartist 19 18
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Into The Nighoshpere 8
Marshall had given up, he was too sick. He told himself that Fionna would never leave him again if he made it through this mess... But then he slipped into a small coma. But Marshall didn't hear that tiny click... Or the sound of small black-booted feet running down the hall to his room.
Cake saw him first. "It don't look good, he's lost all his blue color." Fionna bent down and grabbed his hand, it was as white as his cat, Scwalball. Fionna handed the small bag filled with medication to Cake.
   Inside were a pill and salve, supposedly able to heal the sick vampire in under an hour. The slayer (who finally choked out the name 'Crank') was starting to try to free himself.
   "You are going to have to do this by yourself, Girl." She grabbed the struggling Crank and went to the kitchen to question him...or knock him out, whatever came first. Cake winked as she walked out of Marshall's room, once Fionna read the directions to the meds, she'd want
:iconbadcook-goodartist:Badcook-goodartist 16 9
Into the Nightosphere 7
   The town was dead silent. Two more kills had been made during the day. A group of shadows made their way through the town; a couple dashed off towards the woods. The remaining one lifted off his hood. Conan looked around and pulled out a sword.
   Nervous sweat trickled down his neck. "Okay, Slayer! You've terrified this village far to long!" He shifted his eyes around. "I'm going to take you down!"
   "Heeheehee..." Mist curled around under Conan as he floated. A stange figure stepped out of the forest not far from where Cake and Fionna were hiding. "Silly vampire, you can't beat me." The pungent smell of garlic wafted toward Conan. His hand froze up and dropped the sword.
   Cake was watching the whole scene from a nearby pine tree. She waited for Fionna to give her the signal. Conan was weakening, why were they not jumping into save him already? The killer got closer, he was standing over Conan when he pulled out a stake.
:iconbadcook-goodartist:Badcook-goodartist 23 7
Into the Nightosphere 6
  Fionna pushed her way through the packed crowd toward the front and let Cake leap back inside the bag. A burly, older-looking vampire stood up on a podium that someone had made rather quickly-
   "Everyone!" His powerful voice carried over the mob, quieting everyone at once. "We all know these attacks have been getting closer and closer together. So I, your mayor, have sent out search parties again to-"
   "Them searchs always come back empty!" yelled a man behind Fionna.
   "Ha! Or not at all!" shouted another. The mayor looked to the ground and rubbed the back of his neck. How many times had he given this speech? Six? Maybe more, he thought, it sure felt like it.
   "There's not much we can do, uh, just to be safe everyone back into there homes. Don't come out until it is announced otherwise." As the crowd dispersed slowly flying solemnly back to their homes.
   "Cake, let's find that Conan guy."
   "Are you crazy?! H
:iconbadcook-goodartist:Badcook-goodartist 19 13


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Hey all of my remaining followers, 
yeah I know I'm not the best about uploading things regularly :/ I'm drawing new stuff daily but I'm just forgetting to put it on here. (Not to mention, the new Layton Brothers app has preoccupied a lot of my time recently) Fool Emoji-39 (Too much feelz) [V3] 
all dem feels!!! Seriously though, if you like Prof. Layton, go get this app. 

I will take requests, but not many people ask because all these fantastic artists on here are far better 0.0

Anyhoseys, thanks for sticking around and duh, I almost forgot!!! Follow me on instagram, I do post my art on there and I'm not on private!! My username is @crazyartistchick No more  See ya there? Maybe? Please? Lol


Savannah Jean
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I don't want to say whole lot here but oh well. I have Instagram!! @crazyartistchick
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